We offer workshops for groups from ‘maison relais’, primary schools, youth centres, secondary schools and other institutions.

You will find all of the activities from our Kreativitéit erliewen team below.

'Wastebusters' - program a children's game

A fun workshop that combines programming with waste management by way of a board game.
'Wastebusters' - program a children's game Forum Geesseknäppchen

Electricity workshop

Discover electricity by building an electrical circuit or working on another personal project.
Electricity workshop Forum Geesseknäppchen

Design your own T-shirt

Learn how to create your own pattern using the 'Adobe Illustrator' programme and print it onto a T-shirt.
Design your own T-shirt Forum Geesseknäppchen

Creative sewing

Introduction to sewing and the basic tools for a project of your choice.
Creative sewing Forum Geesseknäppchen

3D printing

Discover 3D printing using the 'TinkerCAD' programme.
3D printing Forum Geesseknäppchen

Introduction to programming

Introduction to programming using the Kniwwelino minicomputer.
Introduction to programming Forum Geesseknäppchen

Program your own robot

This workshop introduces the participants to programming and the world of robots.
Program your own robot Forum Geesseknäppchen